Hospitality to Bounce Back Survey

After nearly a year of lockdown, finally, there is an end in sight - and a timetable for hospitality to bounce back in the UK!

We should acknowledge that for some businesses the challenges have been too great - and we feel their pain.

However, we’ve also witnessed the most incredible examples of resilience, team spirit, creativity, imagination and reconfiguration of many foodservice operators and suppliers that have afforded hope and the financial ability for a resumption of trade.

As we approach the first easements – beginning with outdoor hospitality, followed a little later with non-essential retail - and then hotels and bars; just how different will the consumer appetite be - and the offers that await them?

In our April edition of Something's Brewing, we ask the question to operators and suppliers ‘What will you be doing differently?’, ‘How are you feeling about reopening?’ and ‘What are the biggest challenges and opportunities?’

To share your own experiences and visions of the vital first few months of reopening we will be sending you this Friday afternoon (19th March) a link to a short survey. We would very much appreciate your help in this and please complete it by Tuesday, 23rd March.

The March edition of Something's Brewing was sent to over 6,500 contacts.