Professional Juicer Machines
Professional Juicer Machines

A simple but highly efficient system for extracting pure juice from fresh oranges.

Easy to operate; simply place half an orange in the open chamber, close the lid and the rotating head unit will swiftly extract all of the juice in just a few seconds Simple to Clean; the one piece head unit and removable, stainless steel extractor mechanism ensure optimum hygiene and an easily maintained juicer system. The clear polycarbonate jug that collects the fresh juice is also easy-clean.

The Citrus 2 is fitted with a double head extraction system to allow the user to juice a complete fruit at the same high speed. Simply cut an orange in half and place both halves in the open chamber, close the lid and in just a few seconds the juice is extracted.

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Professional Juicer Machines

Citrus 1

  • Available in Orange or Chrome finish.
  • Professional Juicer Machines

    Citrus 2

  • Available in White finish.

    • Key Features

    • Simple Lever System operation with unbreakable handle.
    • Easy-clean body.
    • Stainless Steel (304) extraction components.
    • Auto operation on pressing lever down.
    • Fast access for simple dismantling and cleaning of internal extractor parts.
    • Extractor components are dishwasher safe.
    • Includes unbreakable polycarbonate juice jug.
    • Powerful motor for cool extraction process so as to maintain juice quality.

    Technical Specifications

    Model Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) RPM Power Stop/Start
    Citrus 1 380 280 180 1300 570W Automatic
    Citrus 2 450 330 350 1300 570W Automatic

    Images and Technical Details are shown for illustration and guidance only. We reserve the right to modify designs or specifications without prior notice.

    Citrus Brochure

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