Full steam ahead: Fracino’s well stocked warehouse

Fracino pledges to service UK hospitality sector through toughest of conditions.

As Europe’s borders and factories shut down in the escalating coronavirus crisis, British espresso machine manufacturer Fracino says it is well prepared to continue supporting the UK’s hospitality sector.

Fracino’s manufacturing facilities will continue to operate at full capacity along with its well-stocked warehouse which has recently undergone further expansion as part of a multi-million pound investment programme.

The business, which employs over 60 people, is renowned for operating one of the world’s most advanced and efficient espresso equipment manufacturing facilities where the majority of products are produced in house.

Peter Atmore, Fracino’s head of global sales, said: “With Europe now officially declared the new epicentre of the global coronavirus pandemic, Fracino is perfectly placed - and well prepared - to despatch our extensive range of quality British made espresso equipment across the UK, however hard it gets out there.

“Our commitment to maintain high service levels to customers across the UK’s hospitality sector is second to none and we are geared up to sustain our production and delivery throughout this unprecedented period.”

Marking its 57th anniversary this year, Fracino produces an extensive range of espresso coffee machine models in its 50,000 sq ft production facility in Birmingham - the heart of the UK’s leading manufacturing expertise.

The company has clinched a raft of awards from the hospitality, manufacturing, and business sectors which acknowledge its innovation, cutting edge technology and investment in quality and design excellence.

A champion of British manufacturing, Fracino displays the Made in Britain marque on every machine and always recommends buying British.