Environmental Policy

Visacrem International Ltd T/A Fracino recognises the importance of ensuring that its operations have the minimum adverse effect upon the environment and that all employees are encouraged to promote environmental standards throughout the business.

Implementation of the Environmental Policy is considered an integral part of Fracino’s objectives and responsibility resides with the Managing Director. Effective environmental management, however, we recognise requires the commitment of all management and staff.

The company has identified the following key areas for action:


Environmental impact, sustainability and recycling to be a major consideration in all transactions.


Regular audits of energy consumption to provide key performance indicators against which reductions can be planned. Ongoing processes, procedures and facilities refurbishment are continuously observed with a view to ensuring that every aspect of the business and its premises operate in accordance with this policy.


Identification of materials to be recycled, involving all employees.

By assessing the environmental needs of stakeholders, engaging all employees and implementing environmental audits, Fracino aims to continue reducing any negative impact its operations may have on the environment.

Compliance with regulatory requirements in accordance with our WEEE accreditation

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